Semi Permanent Makeup – Brows

Hair Strokes Brows

Hair by hair application; one of the most requested brow treatments, this involves recreating hair strokes to look like natural brow hairs.

Shadow Effect

For those of you who like their brows to stand out. Creating a shadow among the hair stroke design can add colour, depth and contrast.
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Semi Permanent Makeup – Eyes


Eyeliner enhances definition, creating a show-stopping frame for your eyes. Giving you a smudge free lash line.


Top & Bottom eyelid procedure available

Lush lashes

Make your lashes appear thicker and darker. Enhance the lash line, which will open up your eyes.
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Semi Permanent Makeup – Lips

Juicy Lips

We’ll give you more definition, correct uneven lips and add fullness to the mouth. All you need to do is apply gloss.

Lip liner

Restore you lip line for a fuller pout so to complement your natural shape and colour.

Full Lip Colour

For those who like to wear lipstick all the time. We’ll give you lip liner and a colour combination to give your lips total definition. >

3D Lip Effect

3D Lip colour uses a special technique to give the look of lip fillers, without the injections!
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Eyelash Extensions

A popular service and product that lengthens and thickens your own natural eyelashes. Available in a variety of colours and styles.
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Hi Brow Professional

If you’re looking for shaped, tinted and styled eyebrows, then Hi Brow professional treatment is perfect for you. Hi Brow professional treatment shapes, colours and styles your brows, creating symmetrical and defined brows that frame and enhance your features.
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All of the above treatments come with a free touch up. This needs to be applied within two months of the initial application.
We hope you now have an insight into how semi permanent makeup can benefit you. The next stage is to call or email us to arrange a free consultation and see the results for yourself.