Wake up with Makeup! Beautiful brows, lips, eyes

Semi permanent makeup is a revolutionary beauty treatment used to define eyes, brows and lips – to give a soft, natural finish that imitates perfectly applied makeup.

Stop wasting countless hours in front of the mirror to draw a perfect eyeliner! Choose semi permanent makeup for your eyeliner and wake up with make up.

Our Semi Permanent Makeup procedures are considered halal as they are just a form of light penetration that gives a natural looking cosmetic effect.

Our SPMU experts in Dubai are experienced in a variety of Semi Permanent Makeup techniques such as:


  • Hair Strokes Brows Dubai
    Hair by hair application; one of the most requested brow treatments, this involves recreating hair strokes to look like natural brow hairs.
  • Shadow Effect
    For those who like their brows to stand out. Creating a shadow among the hair stroke design can add colour, depth and contrast.


  • Juicy Lips
    We’ll give you more definition, correct uneven lips and add fullness to the mouth. All you need to do is apply gloss.
    Lip linerRestore you lip line for a fuller pout so to complement your natural shape and colour.
  • Full Lip Colour
    For those who like to wear lipstick all the time. We’ll give you lip liner and a colour combination to give your lips total definition.
  • 3D Lip Effect
    3D Lip colour uses a special technique to give the look of lip fillers, without the injections! 


  • Upper Lash Line
    Make your lashes appear thicker and darker. Enhance the lash line, which will open up your eyes.


Semi Permanent Makeup is also called micropigmentation. It is a new breakthrough procedure that enhances the appearance of your face.

Many people come to our salon because of existing eyebrow or lip problems. It could be that you over pluck your brows? Perhaps your eyebrows appear too thin for your liking? Or Maybe you have faded brows? Some clients are simply just tired of penciling eyebrow shapes every day. Health conditions or aging may also reduce natural brow strength. Or you might have bald patches on your brows?

There are so many reasons why people choose to come to Oliyah Joseph Beauty & Training Centre for help. But in most cases, women just want to have a fuller and clearly defined eyebrow shape or change the shape and shade of your lips and restore lost definition.

Sadly, not all of us are blessed with full lips or a blushing pout – and creating the illusion with lipstick can produce inconsistent results that soon disappear. In addition, ageing tends to have a thinning and fading effect on lips, leaving them undefined. Have a fuller and more sensual pout without the need for injections. Just a fabulous smile that wont fade away.

With semi permanent makeup, Oliyah Joseph Beauty & Training Centre can create the appearance of natural brows, hair by hair. The results are incredibly realistic and for those of you who lost their brows for whatever reason, it can be simply overwhelming. The good news is that semi permanent makeup gives us the perfect opportunity to create full luscious lips and a youthful pout – boosting confidence and creating an appealing, attractive look.

Semi permanent makeup can offer you some truly life changing results. Makeup that looks as good 2-3 years later as it did at the time when it was originally applied. Makeup that will never run or smudge, no matter if you are in the pool, gym or just during your normal daily routine.

Why worry about constantly working on beautifully shaped eyebrows when you can wake up every morning with perfect ones.

Why choose Oliyah Joseph Dubai?

    • Oliyah Joseph is the first and only SPMU institution in UAE to be approved and certified by the Dubai Municipality as well as the Knowledge and Health Department.
    • We are not only SPMU experts ourselves but are also licensed in training and certifying other aspiring SPMU artists.
  • We use and are also the exclusive reseller of BIOTEK Italian permanent makeup brand which is top of the line in the world and offers cutting edge equipment, pigments and accessories.

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